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It is next generation Scrum project software. All leading edge software companies are all making the move to agile methodologies like Scrum. Scrum leverage frequent and regular communication and collaboration to improve a development ability to accelerate time-to-market, manage changing requirements and enhance product quality. It lets you easily create, Estimate, Plan and Track your software projects.

The Scrum tools provide complete real-time visibility for all members of the development team, management team and stakeholders. Information radiators including burn down charts, burn up charts, team charts, status feeds and calendars are visible with instantly updated providing constant and accurate feedback. Viewing the sprint backlog, you can scroll through user stories, bugs, blockers and more to see what the development team is working on. Using this tool of unique Activity Tracker, the entire team is kept in sync, receiving contextual status updates on all changes in the project every step of the way.

The tools are meant to simplify tasks but too often project management tools are slow or cumbersome to use. The tool elegant interface is designed to minimize the number of screens each team member needs to work with on a regular basis. Most of the users can live on one personalized screen to manage all of their updates and collaboration at the same time monitoring the information that is important to keeping the team on track.

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