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The Agorapulse Facebook CRM platform is an online application designed to help you manage and boost your Facebook presence. The Agorapulse platform is not only really easy to use, but it provides you with every feature of a good CRM platform including easy user interface, easy implementation tools, improved interaction with your customers (Fans), efficient page monitoring and analytical tools. It is also 100% integrated which makes it a powerful Facebook page management tool. A wide range of companies are using the platform including world famous brands such as McDonalds and Virgin. The application is also suitable for small and mid-sized businesses. At the end of the day, no matter the size of your company, the Agorapulse platform enables you to manage your Facebook pages efficiently with a very exhaustive dashboard.

Agorapulse makes it easy for you to get started. You have the possibility to suscribe to a free 14-day trial period. There is no commitment and no credit card is required to sign up.At the end of the trial period, you may definitely consider signing up to one of the five plans Agorapulse offers!

The Page manager dashboard of the application allows you to publish posts, manage them, and add apps to your page. It also displays the overall fan activity in your page. In the account settings, the page moderator can choose to have a instant frequency of page wall synchronization and email notifications.

Agorapulse includes many features to engage your existing fans and attract new fans. There is a wide range of applications you can set up on your Facebook page using the Agorapulse platform.

A complete database of fans and posts exists and is updated as soon as changes occur. The calendar tab in the page manager gives moderators an easy access to older posts. The fans are ranked based on the level of their activity, i.e. on how much they interact with the page. The application allows backing up your fan base details at any time. The wall tab displays all the posts, videos, links and comments chronologically.

Agorapulse uses a value addition system to evaluate the overall performance of a campaign. Value can be assigned to each parameter, which allows you to obtain the overall value of the page and so its performance. The administrator can change the value assigned to each parameter. The parameters used for assessing ROI are qualified fans, engaged fans, links, CPM and positive sentiments.

The Dashboard tab displays an overview of the statistics. The interface is designed with clear colors which gives it a nice look and brings out more efficiency. The AgoraPulse platform therefore helps companies understand the reach and the impact of their Facebook campaigns. Having said that, administrators have all the knowledge they need to improve the performances of their pages.

The platform also enables you to compare your Facebook page with the pages of your competitors. This turns out to be really useful as the AgoraPulse platform provides you with a handful of useful statistics like the number of fans, their interactions, their level of engagement, etc.

The Agorapulse facebook CRM platform is a very affordable platform that helps you boost your presence on Facebook with a greater reach and an increased business value. I definitely recommend it.

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