ai.type keyboard FREE + Emoji : Even a Keyboard can be Interesting !

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ai-typeDigital scientists have scaled down everything; the camera, the processor, the weight and of course, the size. While now you can carry your phone in your pocket and that too the normal one which we have in our jeans and trousers, some things are good to be large. For example, as your phone gets reduced in size, so does the screen of your phone and so does the typing space. Yes, typing is a huge issue that we all forget about. We somehow adjust with what’s available as there’s nothing we see that we can do about it. But the Play Store has got an answer for every of your questions. When there can be an app to increase your battery life, why can’t there be one to get you a better keypad? But of course, it doesn’t stretch your screen neither does it makes your fingers smaller. So how does it do it!

ai.type Keyboard Free + Emoji is the name of the smart Android app that’s going to take you out of this crisis. The app has been developed by ai.type and its compatibility varies with each device. So better check it out yourself.

Now how does this app help you? You still have the same space constraints and the same number of words, right? But now the layout of the keyboard is no more the same. You can customize it in your own way. There are always some symbols or emojis that you use more often than others. But still they’re placed in the same stack as others. This app changes that trend. Now you get to keep such buttons in your reach so that you don’t have to keep switching between different screens all the time. But even if you have to in any case, even that’s just a swipe away!

Talking about the features, you have 800+ Emojis, thousands of free themes, swipe engine for quick typing, Google search, word correction, completion and prediction as well. Moreover, there are some other extra features such as a calculator which add a little helping hand and save your precious time. I’m still counting if I’ve missed any of them and I think I have. You can change the size of the keyboard and you can add a 5th row to it with all the buttons you want. The keypad is compatible with many different languages and the list is so long that it’s better to leave it now. So when this dish is finally ready, you’re certainly going to enjoy it a lot!

Overall, this keypad has it all that was missing from yours. Who’d have thought that even a keypad could be interesting! So now that it’s available for free in the Play Store and if you’re still in-touch with the old one, go get a life man! Just type the app out in the Play Store now and make sure they’re the last words for this one.

The free version is available for lifetime but after 14 days, all the premium features will be available only in the paid version of the app.

Pros: 800+ Emojis; thousands of free themes; word punctuation, prediction and correction; additional 5th row; fully-customizable; free trial for lifetime.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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