AirTalk: The Dawn of a Digitized “Physical” Talking

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It comes quite as a surprise to note that AirTalk iphone app is yet to be featured in the list of emerging technologies by Wikipedia.

A lot of talk goes about town on futuristic technologies and their possible impact on how we will live our lives in the near future.An Italian, Dr. Sergio Canevoro had taken the arena by storm when he unveiled a scheduled operation to carry out a head transplant for Spirinodov by 2018. Perhaps, another futuristic technology to closely look at with the same interest is the AirTalk iPhone app. As we wrap our heads around the concept of head transplant, AirTalk introduces to us a way to Talk without actually Talking.

I find the app to be one of sorts. You are actually able to communicate with anyone within a hundred meters of your phone without internet or even cellular connection. All you need is just to turn your Bluetooth and WiFi on. Thereafter, get talking and not by talking. Just text whatever you want to send on your phone and use the app to send to anyone within a hundred meters of you.
The User experience is definitely an enjoyable one. The color scheme is simple and vibrant. It is also very easy to use. Its interface is similar to twitter enabling you to borrow from your experience with the latter. As a matter of fact, AirTalk can be integrated with the twitter app enabling you to send everyone who follows you on twitter a message or share some message with the people physically around you. For the social savvy we can only ask “How cool is that?”

Talking without talking using AirTalk can allow one to deal more easily with shyness and express themselves bettter. No need to worry about how you will sound. In class, probability theory has a way of being unbearable, yet without actually making noise we can crack a joke or two as icebreakers while the Professor continues with his part. Take a meeting for example when you need to communicate something urgently but do not want to be the center of attention.

AirTalk comes whooshing by and swaps into your rescue.
For a size of only 2.2 MB it does quite a lot, albeit in subtle ways. It needs iOS 7 or higher but is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. If you have iPhone 5, the better as it has been particularly optimized for that. You would however need about 11.5 MB of Memory space.

If somebody has never thought of this then I’ll be shooting myself in the toe pointing out that this can be good for business as they services can be advertised to customers within business premises. It may act as a perfect way to attract customers and make sales. The costs of customer care can be reduce significantly and whats more? Businesses can save money!

While the Italian doctor tries to get people to think about head transplant with AirTalK the technology is literally asking “Who needs a head?” Definitely, there is an app to watch out in AirTalk.

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