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It is a monitoring app for your activities. It collects your facebook and twitters status updates, analyze them and draw your productivity chart. By filtering and structuring information helps you to track your activities.

This is an app for those who really want to accomplish great things in their life. It will help you to escape from passive, consumer life and become a successful person.

Many people want to start their own businesses. They have great ideas. But most of these ideas dies during implementation. The problem is not motivation, but the multiple distractions around us. Its easier to play new game, than to sit and work on your project. And since nobody controls us we keep on sitting in comfort zone.

If you are tired of passive life start the change with It will let you determine how and why your social activity is getting in the way of your productivity. And the information will be presented in a performance chart that will leave you in no doubt about these things that you should look into if you want to lead a more productive life.

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