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With over fourteen thousand ratings and almost a five star rating on the iTunes store, you can confirm that Alchemy Classic is one of those games that you just won’t put down. Made as a remake of the MS-DOS game: Alchemy, Alchemy Classic brings the best out of every old school player. Alchemy is basically a game where you combine elements to make new ones. The key to this game is to have a bit of everyday knowledge. The best players at Alchemy have a greater sense of knowledge in chemistry, physics, math and many other courses. Alchemy is basically a game that never ends with all the combinations that you must make in order to unlock all the components.

Alchemy Classic includes seasonal game experiences, where you can enjoy the Christmas spirit when you’re making your own Christmas tree (just to make an example). The special Christmas edition contains fifty new elements, which you can only discover during the holidays in Alchemy Classic. The game is also available for PC, but if you want to play this game on –the-go or when you have free time, you can download it through the Android App Market.

You may have downloaded many applications that don’t really make sense, but we can assure you that Alchemy Classic is one of those games that will have you hooked. It also promotes critical thinking, so if you want your kids to play something productive on their smartphones, this is surely the way to go. The downloading process is faster than other alchemy applications. As you open your application you get a summary of the updates and new features in the current version that you download.

You also bring your experience on to Facebook to ask for new recipes and new items. If you like Twitter better or both are pretty much the same to you, you can access the page on twitter as well. The application has a like button integrated, so your friends will find out about this app if you just “like” it. You can compete with your friends to see which one gets the most out of Alchemy Classic. Whenever you are stuck, you can look at the quick guide, which shows you how to play. You start with the main elements which are: earth, fire, water and air. The process is as easy as dragging the element you want and dropping it into the next one you need. Sometimes you need more than one element to get different elements, so have this in mind when you play this application.

Once you make a lot of elements, you can look into the alchemy table and choose multiple elements to mix. All you need is a little bit of common sense and you can also choose random elements and see what happens. If you don’t need a certain element, just drag it to the statistics or you can clear the whole mixing panel to keep your mind clear. Double tapping on the element creates a copy, which is better than looking for the same element through all of the rest. There is a worldwide score screen where you can post your high score and hope to be the best in the world.

The game seems to be very colorful, it does have ads on the bottom but they aren’t conflicting with the game. Be careful with the volume on your phone, as the application makes loud sounds whenever you mix up elements. You can also share your recipes or the game’s link on Facebook, Gmail, Text message, Twitter, Skype or other programs.

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