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All-in Yoga: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes is a paid health and fitness iOS application that is brought to you from Arawella Corporation. This iOS application offers compatibility with all devices. It is considered to be the best yoga application that can be used by both beginners and professionals, with more than thousands of people all around the world using yoga application. The size of this downloadable application is 28.36 MB.

You can download this application with a unique ID and a secure password. The application has several handy functions, such as several tracks for working out and the ability to add tracks from the list in your iPod.


The main features of the All-in Yoga are:

  • High definition quality of the content
  • Several new poses
  • Several novel mode options for training
  • Offering multiple profiles for users
  • Retina graphics – iPhone 4 graphics
  • Videos and programs
  • More than 300 poses
  • Poses can be viewed with guidance of photos, video and also audio guides
  • 3D muscle models are available for each yoga pose in high definition quality
  • Pranayama breathing exercises – more than 30 breathing exercises are shown in detail suitable for each level
  • Breathing programs are available aimed at meditation and relaxation
  • More than 40 yoga programs with the facility of creating and innovating some more on your own
  • Selection of the appropriate program according to individual parameters
  • Program also offers live support to users – this is a free offer in the application

Premium content

The All-in Yoga program offers extra premium content as well. If you select the premium content, it is possible to have a specialized and individualized program created by the yoga teachers suitable for you. The premium content also offers 20 special programs targeted at improving all round health. It offers 10 music tracks that soothe the user while working out along with ten relaxation tracks. You can also add your own selected poses to the database of the application in this case. It is also possible to send selected poses and programs to other devices if you want to.


It is also possible to create your own yoga program. This is a very simple and quick process. All you need to do is to select the poses and set the order as well as the duration of each pose. The user can edit the program of the application to suit his needs. The workout mode is also very convenient, as there is a detailed audio and video guide. The application also offers a timer, so that you can fix the duration of the pose. The user can view the video of the pose before he starts to attempt a new pose.


The quality of the application is of high definition. The All-in Yoga offers more than 300 yoga poses and several types of breathing exercises that are suitable for each level. There are also several ready programs suitable for yoga gurus. You can use the application for a number of purposes, according to your personal needs. Many have successfully used it for improving health and for shaping the body. Others have used it for breathing and stretching purposes, as well as for resolving distress situations.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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