An Unbiased Review on Auto Optimizer for Android

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One very common issue with the majority of smartphones in today’s world is that they tend to run a bit slowly after the installation of a number of apps. While these smartphones run slowly, they can cause a lot of headache to the users. Often it is required to wait for some time in order to dial a number before the keypad eventually appears on-stage. Therefore, you cannot dream of multitasking because the phone becomes too weak to perform all these tasks at once. However, one can blame neither the phone nor the app for this; the main reason why the smartphone is running slowly is because the tasks which are running simultaneously are eating up a significant amount of the phone’s available memory. While a particular app is still running, if you switch on another app, the previous one might seem to be idle but it is still active. When you are using your smartphone it is essential to take care of all these things.

Well, instead of complaining about the phone, let’s start using the Auto Optimizer app. This popular Android app was created by HD Movies Dev Team. The Auto Optimizer app is compatible with almost all devices that are running Android 2.3.3 or any other later version.

It is feasible to kill all the idle but active tasks in the background by using this app with a single tap and you also have the power to choose what that tap would be. It can be anything such as the screen-lock button or even the home button; you might also want to set a rotation to the execution after every 10 seconds. The choice depends entirely on you and thus Auto Optimizer provides you with plenty of options for executing the optimization automatically or manually.

Besides unwanted tasks, many other factors also contribute to the unavailability of memory. All these can be the history or cache memory of different apps. It is possible for you to customize whether you want a total whitewash or keep the history of some of these apps alive. You can also enhance the life of your battery with just a few clicks, which is made possible by Auto 0ptimizer. Even after going for a long sleep, your phone is still kept awake by the Battery Saver mode. If the battery status is not shown by your phone’s meter, you will be able to get information regarding the battery status, as well as, the memory in the status bar.

Auto Optimizer features a variety of shortcuts for the different clean-ups. For instance, in order to clear the cache, you need to simply tap on any of the shortcuts and the command will be executed instantly.

Thus, as a whole, there should not be any doubt about the usefulness and flexibility of this app. A lot of similar apps slowly consume their share of memory instead of rescuing you. However, Auto Optimizer will not disappoint you and its price of Rs.50 is well worth it. Moreover, you can even enjoy a free trial before purchasing the priced version.

The Auto Optimizer app has lots of advantages like a flexible interface, consistent efficiency, a free trial, releasing the memory with just a single tap, clear cache, history, etc. In fact, the app is so effective that there is hardly any negative feedback from its users.

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