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The slideshows are boring so Animoto turns your pictures into very interesting videos. The final video is produced in widescreen format and the quality is extremely impressive.

It is a web application that, with the click of a button, produces videos using photos, video clips and music that a user selects. Utilizing patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence, Animoto videos have the emotional impact of a movie trailer and the visual energy of a music video.

It automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music.

In today’s world real estate searches begin online. You can create show-stopping video for your properties, website, newsletter and blog in minutes. It is possible to showcase your listings, generate MLS-compliant videos, market your services, and much more. You can use Animoto videos to convey a message with the right balance of information and emotional connection. Attract your audience back to your site.

It is possible to spread your message to users on social networking sites. Also post easily to MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and YouTube. Finally you can capitalize on the power of social networks.

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