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First Look

AntiSocial is a usage tracking app that shows you the amount of time you spend on your phone. This app also has a feature to help you quit your habits if you are addicted to your phone. This app is offered by the Bigbean Pvt limited. This is a free app with no ads and does not access any of your personal data like your messages, phone details or your gallery. The app has a very user-friendly interface and seems very easy to operate.

About The App

The app promises to track your usage and tell you the exact amount of time you have spent on your phone. The first thing that we see after entering our age and registering to the app is the front page. The first page has various tabs in it. The top most tab shows the mode of the app, challenge mode if you have taken their 14 day challenge. 14 days challenge is that the app will assess your activities on the phone for two weeks and will give you the assessment. The next few tabs show you your score, usage, the number of times you have unlocked the phone and finally the last bar shows how much time have you spent on social media. In the end of the page is the tab with four options. The home option, that is your first page, the statistic option that shows your progress stats, the blacklist option that only opens after 14 days challenge and keeps the apps you have blacklisted from using and the fourth is the blocking mode tab which also opens after 14 days challenge. You can also compare your progress to the other people all around the world.Pros- It gives you an exact estimate of how much time you spend on social media. Gives you the exact number of times you unlock your phone. Helps you keep check on your habits and also helps you quit them. It is available free of cost on the google play store.

The app features are easy and easily usable by people of all ages.Cons- The home page could have been simplifying a little bit more. The white text is not clearly visible in the dark grey coloured background. Also the tabs on the lowest end do not have anything mentioned on them which might confuse the first time user. They should have things like blacklist and block list or something written on them.
If you have an addiction to your phone and constantly keep checking it for social media update, this app can really help you. The AntiSocial app has really simplified giving up habits. Apart from the fact that the background colour does not make the front text clearly visible, the app is easy to use and understand. The 14 day challenge id unique and helpful. The app respects the privacy of the user so you do not have to worry about any of your personal stuff coming out. If the small change in the app layout is fixed , the AntiSocial app is worth downloading.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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