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A new era has begun, and web applications such as Apollo have revolutionized the way that you manage your projects and contacts. The best things about Apollo are that you require no installation CD’s, no downloads required and, best of all, great service. So what is Apollo? Apollo provides project and contact management that gives you important tools to develop your business. The best part about Apollo is that their application provides you with a balance between your life and your job.

Apollo also lets you involve external workers into your project, allowing you to take control of what they are doing and what needs to be done. If you doubt of Apollo, you should look at their twitter feed. Many users are now paying for this application after their free 30 day trials because they do love it and they have tried other applications that simply do not work for their own standards. Apollo runs just like a desktop application on your computer, without installation. Just enter their website and log in to access your information from any computer, which makes your life much easier.

Their home page is the Overview Page, which allows you to see overdue tasks as well as upcoming or current ones. The overview page even provides names in order to provide you with short and accurate information to be done quickly and efficiently. If you would like to add a task, simply use the overview page to add it to your list, whether it’s a personal, project or a contact related task. You can also share and edit your calendar from the overview page while you are checking the month’s outlook. Have in mind that the calendar has a great way to show your daily tasks as well as overlapping ones that you would have to take care of.

Going down to the My Tasks tab, you can see that they are organized within personal, project and customer tasks. These provide you with organization and balance within your life to keep that much needed balance. Apollo also tracks the time that you have spent on each task, so that you can organize yourself and spend the right amount of time on each job.

As you add workers to your page, you can check out their activities without any questions, just check out the Projects tab and the summary of things done will let you know who is working and who isn’t. You can also see the people working on the project as well as the people who are allowed to see what is going on. You can talk to other people involved within your project along with any attachments provided, which is better than email.

You can also import whatever you have done on Basecamp, so that you will not have to put that information all over again along with your contacts. If you want to have some information available to you offline, you can export documents on XML format. In fact, Apollo is so great that they don’t even ask you for your billing information until you finish your 30 day trial. Their different pricing plans provide the same features with different limits. You can start with a plan as low as $23 a month and pay up to $148 a month. Everything depends on how big your business is and how many projects you manage at the same time. Apollo looks like a great web application because it provides a great layout, organization and colors.

Visit this site at http://www.apollohq.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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