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Page2Images has come up with a bunch of applications to make the online working even more seamless. The website screenshot tools from the company include website screenshot generator, HTML to Image online converter, Mobile Emulator and Mobile OK checker. Most interestingly the site also provides batch URL to image conversion and batch mobile checker services. The screenshot generator is an online service that can be helpful for taking webpage snapshots quickly as you go through the pages of the site. The HTML to image converter can be useful for converting HTML into full sized images or screenshots; the batch URL to image converter enables the user to convert batch of URLs to full sized batch images.

With the mobile emulator the user can easily check his website through his mobile. The Mobile OK checker is specifically used for checking if the websites are mobile friendly, which is no doubt important as the number of web users through mobile is increasing day by day. The batch mobile checker tool is used for checking thousands of websites together for their mobile friendly features.


  • The Screenshot Generator application comes with two tools identified with two different logos, the WebPage Snapshot tool snapshots the current browser page the moment it is clicked and downloads it as a file; on the other hand the PinPage tool  when clicked takes the current browser page, snapshot it and send it to Pinterest as a new Pin. To simple, you can use PinPage to pin a full page website by one click.
  • The HTML to Image converter helps in converting HTML into full sized screenshots or images. The tool also converts relative URLs to absolute URLs to make the process simple for the user.
  • Batch URL to Image converter captures webpage screenshots from theURLs provided in batch and converts them into full sized images or screenshots in batch. This tool can be excellent for saving time of converting thousands of images at a time.
  • The Mobile Emulator provides a great way to check a website on mobile. This emulator supports flash as well as Javascript and also supports redirect actions.
  • The Mobile OK checker helps to check websites if they are mobile friendly. Once a webpage is able to pass the check; the page gets the mobileOK status.  With the help of this tool users can also preview the screenshot of the page on the mobile.
  • The batch mobile checker makes the process of checking webpages on mobile simple. It enables the user to check thousands of webpages together for their mobile friendliness. This tool can save lots of time as it supports batch checking. After completion of the checking process the application provides a CSV result file which can be downloaded on any device.

Summary: Page2Image has come up with a bunch of application that can be useful for generating quick screenshots, converting URLs to images, emulating websites, and also for checking mobile friendliness of webpages.

Good: The tools offered by Page2Image are secure, reliable, scalable, fast and simple. They can be extremely helpful in need, and provides quick services.

Bad:  No bad report about the applications has yet been recorded.

Worth Having App :  Try this Webapp


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