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With the ever growing world of smart phones, users are now open to numerous games, apps and other entertainment options. The abundance of choice sometimes makes it difficult for people to choose the app that you want. Many of the android apps are paid apps where you need to pay the money before you can actually see how it performs. However, with appsta you can now compare the apps to download.

The website will provide with a range of new and old apps matching your search. New range of apps, tools and tutorials are available with the application, everyday. Not only you can see the apps that are available for your device, you can also save a lot of time by filtering your search result. This is a web app and it covers the internet universe. You can compare the apps in the same category, compare their features and then pay for the one that is actually good, or suit your requirement. The universe of audio, video and graphics opens up to you. You can find toolboxes, apps, blogs and websites, tutorial and more with the help of this web app. the good thing is that the database is updated frequently to assure that you are getting the latest apps and the latest version of the old apps.


  • Appsta is a web app that is designed to provide you the latest range of apps and other information relevant to you.
  • The website has its own search engine that helps user find the apps or information relevant to him.
  • The app also offers a comparative platform where same kind of apps is compared, comprehensively, to make the user determine which one to choose and which one to reject.
  • The website is not affiliate driven which assures that you will not be diverted to a certain app for which the website is paid.
  • You can always be updated with a fresh toolbox that is updated every now and then.
  • You can list down the apps on your favorite subject and choose accordingly.
  • You can read review articles on several topics including apps.
  • Apps are separated in different categories. You can choose the apps based on types of people, professionals, lifestyle and area. So if you are in London you can find traffic apps for London under that head.
  • The website can be checked online, on android, iphone, windows phone, Linux, tablets and Mac. It is compatible to each of these platforms.
  • You can also check out the developer or creator of the apps in question.

Summary: Appsta is a compact website or a web app that provides a compact picture of the application world. You can find informative content, toolboxes and apps in categories, through this web app. It is compatible to all major mobile devices.

Good: The app contains app information and makes life easy for a regular app buyer. It is cost saving and currently available for free.

Bad: More area specification would make the app more comprehensive.

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