It is the world’s first software as a service platform to manage all aspects of a small business, totally free with leading provider of on-demand, integrated business management software for small businesses and startups.

They understand the DNA of entrepreneurs, and have packaged that knowledge into a powerful solution which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, absolutely free. It completely automates common business processes, including: Financial-Commerce and Fulfillment, Procurement, Human Resource, Web Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and Fund Raising.

They also support startups from concept through innovation to execution. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. It helps manage all aspects of your business right from managing innovations‚ products and sales to managing employees, customers and finances. Overall it meets all your business management needs in one place.

It is safe and secured with all information passed on between Apptivo and your personal computer is “scrambled” and “reassembled” using 128-bit encryption‚ the highest level of encryption commercially available.

Quick Review of

  1. It completely automates common business processes.
  2. It has the highest level of encryption commercially available.
  3. This is FREE

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