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by | Apr 25, 2012 | Reviews | 1 comment is an excellent initiative to gather the app developers in a single forum and it gives them complete administrative control to create/Manage/publish their own apps. It also allows users to integrate all the information and publish through API. It mandates every user to create a developer identity through which you can keep track of every updates done by the developer to his/her apps. It allows the users to maintain a sandbox version control mechanism to keep track of their apps. Using this sandbox user will have option to update their changes or revert before publishing any app. It allows anyone who has registered to build their own apps through their apps service. It allows everyone to view your apps and this directory service reaches the appropriate audience who will be interested in your apps. The developer centered atmosphere gives you good opportunity to enhance your apps as you will have option to comment and assist on other developer’s apps.

The best part about this open directory is their API which provides complete freedom for any developer who develops an App or Web App. They provide two type of API support for Web App and normal Apps. Web App integration is through JS API whereas the other Apps can be integrated through REST API. They provide a single signon feature using oAuth 2.0 protocols, which is really marvelous and it provides access to the third party sites we wish via access key which are generated using this API. Developers can be easily identified different developers and their apps. Also we can filter with several criteria using which you would be able to fetch complete revision history of any app. They provide option for developers to delete or recreate these access keys to third party websites as per their need.

Unlike any other app stores, this open directory is not just for showcase. It’s more experimental than just displaying your apps in the market. You will have complete control over your apps and it’s easy to manage multiple website integrations also through its effective single signon facility. They don’t charge you for creating or managing the apps or for using their APIs. Everything is completely free and you will feel like you are the owner for this directory.

The platform independent nature is another key advantage that any app developer can have easy access to this. Being new to the market they have few limitations to the access of API and storage space. But being a rookie & providing one such extraordinary features for free of cost is really an exciting thing for all app developers. They have few paid plans upcoming in their road map which will have lot of value add services but the free user controls will remain the same. So it’s the chance for each developer to grab this chance at the earliest to create an identity for them among their fellow developers and explore the Apps & popularize them to the maximum limit.

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