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Apptoto is an online call reminder application. You can use this site as one of your automated appointment receptionist which coordinates exclusively with Google Calendar. The global clients view your phone number on their caller id when they are reminded. It is possible that global clients hear your voice when they are reminded of their scheduled appointments.

It is quite possible to have good control over when and how your appointments are reminded. It is possible and can easily be notified instantly if an appointment cancels or re-changes through SMS, email, or Voice. The prospective clients hear your voice when they are reminded of their appointments. In case if you have client associates that schedule appointments then this site can connect to their calendars and remind their clients as well.

You have every option to establish Apptoto once and it’s off a running, automatically reminding the prospective clients of their appointments and updating your calendar at the haste time. There is no need for you to manually remind clients. It is the effective site you can get to use and easily eliminate other service providers.

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