Aquarium Logbook – Way to Make a Healthy Aquarium

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Maintaining an aquarium is a hobby, and a healthy and nice looking aquarium is a pride. This can only happen when you take proper care of every item that is there in it. From the fish to the uneaten food and the decorations, everything has to be maintained properly to ensure hygiene in it. That is when you can ensure that the aquarium looks healthy and clean and your fishes stay in good condition. If you could keep a track of the activities in the aquarium and note down the changes somewhere, it would be easier for you to maintain things and that is what made the app named Aquarium Logbook.

The clear blue water and the colorful fishes need maintenance. Witnessing the aquarium grow in front of your eyes is a great experience. However, this app gives you the opportunity to grow them in proper order and also keep their colorful photographs in store so that you can take pride in showing them to the world. The app developed by Mark Heinis is a gift for the aquarium lovers as it is available free of cost. It is an android app that can be downloaded in most of the android devices and the interface of the app is so easy that anyone can use it. This is a logbook where you can keep records and track them back for further use.


  • The app is for monitoring your aquarium regularly and it just takes some minuets everyday to track the changes.
  • The interface of the app or the logbook has five sub heads. These subheads are adding test results, add maintenance, add fish logs, show graph and show logs.
  • It is easy to operate each of the segments of the app. You can do tests on pH, Ammonia, Nitrate, Magnesium and all such things and record the test results in the test result segment.
  • The maintenance log of the app is built is there to keep schedule. In case, you need have some task coming up in next few days, you can record that there in the maintenance log.
  • The graph part of the app will give you a quick view of the track record of the aquarium and you can note down the progressing trend.
  • The gallery or the album contains the picture of your aquarium.
  • The 1.131 version of the app is available free for the users who can use it in their android device with android 2.3 or up.
  • The size of the app aquarium logbook is around 1.6m which is quite low and makes running the app really fast.

Summary: Aquarium Logbook is a sleek app that is not complicated and the clean interface is easy to understand. The app is a tracker for the aquarium and it is a must have for all those who are careful about their aquarium health.

Good: The app is simple and has all the required heads in it.

Bad: The features of the app are limited and it could be enhanced to make the app a bit more interesting.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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