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Aquator is an app developed by Vacata AG for Android and can be downloaded from the Arcade and Action category. The game comprises a 2d shooter that makes use of an accelerometer for primary controls. You can help save the underwater world with this app that requests a call for arms. There is danger in the sea with corrupted fish trying to disturb the peace. You can save the day with this new game developed for Android by swimming with the fish and protecting the underwater world from evil.


  • The player plays the role of an awesome Aquator protecting the sea from monsters.
  • The monster thugs attempt to teach the young fish disgusting practices, like picking their noses and taking food with dirty fins.
  • The player must destroy these monsters by tilting the device from one side to another, so that the Aquator moves from one side to the other on the screen.
  • You can make use of weapons that fire to tap or shoot the monsters and destroy them.
  • The player can move at high speeds attacking the baddies who fight back.
  • There is a Nuke button that is a useful button for destroying the fish; especially when there are many fish and you reach the bottom.
  • The aquator shoots in a continuous fashion. Hence, there is no need to tap the screen.
  • There are different types of enemies or sea creatures and each of these possess different capabilities for shooting and different stamina.
  • You have to use the weapons wisely, as the reloading might take some time.
  • The player can make use of powerups on the way that increase the energy of the weapons.
  • If an enemy hits you, it will reduce your energy bar, so this has to be avoided.
  • Crashing into the enemy must also be avoided, as this will end your life.

The Good

The app has excellent features that are really cool, such as power ups for using cool weapons. It offers a lot of boosts that can be used while playing. It is also possible to get connected with your Google account, so that you can earn more achievements and for viewing leaderboards. It is a very simple game with awesome graphics.

The Bad

If you get hit too many times or let the fish escape, the game will end. It is a game that might require a lot of time to master and get a good score. The game is also too simple and could get boring after some time.


Aquatic is a fun app with a game involving the use of weapons to destroy underworld sea monsters and save the seas. It is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play for Android. There is a lot of fun and action involved while fighting the sea baddies. It has a simple storyline with an emergency in the sea kingdom. Aqua monsters grab and kidnap small fish and teach them dirty habits. You need to protect the offspring and their future and fight the aggressor.

Worth Having Application – Download the App


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