Are Business Phone Systems Useful for a SOHO?

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Even the most successful businesses started small. Take a leaf from Apple for example; it started as a home-based business run by two entrepreneurs. Just like them, you may own a SOHO (small office/home office) probably based in your garage and with very few employees. This is nothing to be ashamed of, au contraire. According to Business For Home, a new home-based business is created every 12 seconds in the United States. In other words, there are thousands of entrepreneurs in your position.

When you start your own company there are crucial factors that can make or break your business. While you might be thinking about taxes and loans (and you should), there are other elements that are equally as important. Everything from your website to your social media accounts is paramount. Your business communications tools and strategies play a crucial role in everyday operations that are key to your progress. Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that has transformed the business communication model

Now, as a self-employed entrepreneur working from home one thing that you might have overlooked are phone systems. Contrary to the common belief, business telephone systems are not all expensive and they are not exclusively for larger companies. In fact, you can choose from multiple units designed to meet your small business’ needs at low prices.

“But I don’t need a phone system, do I?,” might be the question that’s going through your head right now. And that is a valid question. Maybe it’s just you in your home office or maybe you have a handful of employees in your garage. Maybe you all stay connected using your smartphones or perhaps you’ve decided to choose softphones as your go-to solution. Either way, an entry-level system might help you company, regardless of its size, and here’s why:

  1. Stay Connected While on The Road  

The advent of VoIP technology has changed the communications landscape for small organizations. Business mobility has come to stay. You and your team are not bound to a desk; you can work from home, at an airport, hotel rooms or wherever you are as long as you have access to an Internet connection. Plus, long-distance calls do not cost as much as they used to, allowing you to significantly cut your phone bill.

With IP-based phone systems you can check your voicemails right from your cellphone, setup or join a call conference and transfer calls with the touch of a button. These are just a few of the numerous capabilities you can benefit from by choosing a VoIP phone system like the XBLUE X16.

If you are interested in mobility, and to get the most out of your phone system, you may download a softphone app to your smart device to take care of your business while you are away from the office. Basically, softphone apps allow you to take your business in your pocket. In case you are wondering what some of the most popular softphone applications are, here is a short-list:


Bria is one of the most popular VoIP applications in the App store. This softphone from Counterpath is a fully featured softphone that offers enterprise-class functionality and a user-friendly interface. It enables you to make audio and video calls, send instant messages and manage presence; in other words, you can unify your communications. It is available on Android and Apple devices.


Zoiper is a softphone platform that offers multiple capabilities such as audio and video calls, instant messaging, fax and excellent quality calls. This application is intuitive and very easy to work with. If you are looking to boost the functionality of your PBX or VoIP system, connect Zoiper to your business network.


iSoftPhone was developed by Xnet Communications and designed for Mac OS X platforms. To use the iSoftphone, you may first set up your own private network by configuring the program. You can create private telephone networks by adding multiple SIP providers. iSoftPhone offers crystal clear voice quality calls.


X-lite is a softphone client equipped with a large set of features including, but not limited to, call history, do not disturb, call forward, three-way audio and video conferencing. X-Lite comprises QoS and different types of codecs. This softphone is designed to work over IP-based systems. You can easily manage your calls and personal availability.

  1. Sophisticated Features Optimize Your Communications

Features such as call forwarding, caller ID, conferencing, do not disturb and intercom are not only available to large organizations. Cutting-edge small business phone systems come equipped with abundant features that allow you to collaborate more effectively with your team while delivering a remarkable customer service.

For example, with a phone system, you can minimize the chances of missing important calls with automated attendant. You can also provide professional audio greetings for your customers. Overall, an entry-level phone system can help you enhance your company’s reputation, but if you need further details on how it can improve your business you can contact TelcoDepot, they gave us useful information for this article and they also provide free expert help when it comes to choosing phone systems for small businesses and home offices.

The question remains

Should you buy a telephone system? No matter if your business is just a one person operation; a small phone system is a must-have solution for your office. Get on the VoIP train to take advantage of high-end capabilities, cost savings and mobility. This will even help create a positive professional image for your business. Additionally, you will be able to collaborate more easily and effectively with your staff and clients by using your smartphone as an extension of your business phone system.


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