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Moving from one city to another can be a challenging task especially if you are completely unfamiliar with the new city you are moving to! AreaVibes comes in to rescue as it holds an online database of over 20,000 cities through the length and breadth of the Unites States. It furnishes users with a numerical ranking and score on the basis of 10 essential metrics pertaining to each city. This strongly arms the people with crucial information they may need to consider and retrospect on before deciding on their relocation plans.

The AreaVibes Livability Widget:

The biggest benefit from using AreaVibes is that it provides a Liability Widget that enables users to customize their widget by inputting crucial habitability information for their city. Moreover, it also allows other websites to share this essential data with their patrons and viewers. The livability scores for any city across the US is obtainable and it can be used to meet specific needs and requirements by including information corresponding to each city like cost of living, home prices, population, and crime rates for example.

  • AreaVibes is a new and simple widget builder.
  • The application enables users to add demographic data specific to a city, directly to their websites.
  • Over twenty different data categories are available, a few of which include real estate prices, median household income, home values, crime data, train and airport stations, total population, time taken to travel from one place to another, peak traffic hours etc.
  • The application delivers good value to its users by offering high quality local content.

The Purpose of AreaVibes Livability Widget:

The management of the company states that the main purpose of developing and releasing the widget is to increase the user interest and participation, and elevate the quality of user experience. It is tremendously beneficial for agents as they can focus on their sales rather than physically spending time to educate their clients with critical information about the area. Anyone looking to relocate is already armed with information about the area before they even make their mind to shift there.

The biggest benefit to users is that it is entirely completely customizable and they are not charged any fee to make use of the widget or the information. It is not a very cumbersome process to install the app. It involves three simple steps. Once the user selects a particular city, the size and colors can be changed to make sure that the widget blends well on any site. The widget provides comprehensive information about all aspects a person will have to know before relocating.

The AreaVibes Livability Widget gives an overall score out of 100 and also the city’s rank within its state as well as in the United States. It also allows members to raise their enquiries on its online forums and post their personal reviews of various cities too. Thus, the AreaVibes Livability Widget is the perfect answer for people considering to move and real estate agents who look to portray habitability information on their websites!

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