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While being social is essential today, the pain and hassle of planning and executing an event can turn out to be stressing out at times. This can vary from a simple weekend getaway trip to a simple hangout to a lunch party to more. Group text messages might not work out in everyone’s favour as they tend to be overwhelming at times. Everyone talks at the same time and following people can be a tedious task. To simplify this whole process, iOS app developer ItayNaftaly developed the app AreYouIn.

As the name suggests, this app helps you keep a track of who is ready to join in an event that you organize. It helps you plan better so that your social life is not as stressful as your professional one. The app allows you to create a personalised event that you can share with certain friends only. You can limit the number of guests being invited to make the event more manageable. The app syncs with your contacts so that you can find your friends easily. The downside is that all the invitees must have the app too.

The main factor that makes you want to use the app is the clean and uncluttered interface. It is indeed a pleasing and soothing sight to look at amidst all the pressure and tension. It makes you feel contained and more organised with the clean and neat vibe it gives out. You can pick an event from the category list or choose to add your own to the list. This is where you can use your creativity and make it sound fun and enjoyable.

Once you create the event, you can send out invites to friends via the app. The invitees have to simply click on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to accept or reject the invite respectively. This saves you the time of messaging and calling people time and again to figure out who is attending and who is not. There is a simple yes or no answer which simplifies things to a great extent. When you create the event, you can set the time, date and location for the guests to view.

The AreYouIn app also syncs with the iCal on the iOS and comes with an inbuilt Map Widget. This makes sure that your invitees do not miss out on the date and arrive safely at the venue. This too can save you a lot of time in planning and organizing things and keeping everything in place.

At present, the app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, requiring iOS 8.0 or later versions. There is still room for improvement in the app. The developer plans to include a chat for each event, personalise events more, polls and sharing of media with the guests. With these features added, the app would indeed be a powerful and handy one. Nonetheless, it does a great job of saving your time when planning events even with the current set of features

Good: Simple interface

Bad: All guests are required to have the app

 Worth Having App  – Download the App


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