Arranged Marriage – Chance to Escape Guys !!

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Arranged marriage is the newest and hottest Desi Runner game that will for those who enjoy a funny marathon game in beautiful 3D rendered graphics! Arranged marriage is an action game full of funny twist and turns that will put your reflexes to test with a lot of dodging, jumping, grazing and most of all… running! It’s full of nice touches to better portray the stereotypical atmospheres of India, with lot of grazing sacred cows, auto rickshaws and even a terrible dowry to avoid as an added challenge.

The aim of the game is quite simple: you’re trying to run from your forcefully arranged wanna-be wife, desperately trying to outrun your groom while avoiding all kind of obstacles, enemies and dangers. Originally developed by Junglee Games, Arranged Marriage is a free-to play endless runner game launched for Android devices. One of the main features of this app is the quite nicely drawn 3D graphics that look much like some older N64 titles like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Super Mario 64. You will find all kind of beautiful Indian landscapes, ranging from the humblest farm, to the sumptuous cities full of twisted towers and palaces. Like many other endless running games, there’s no specific goal to reach: you just keep running and scoring points, and the games becomes more and more difficult as you keep running (more enemies, and less time to avoid them).

Although the stereotypes of India may sound boring, the game mixes them up to provide and interesting and challenging experience. So the temple pillars and fires represent obstacles you need to slide below, while the auto rickshaws can kill you outright. As an added feature, the game boasts some simple RPG mechanics, in terms of collectible gold coins that you will find while running, especially under hard-to-dodge obstacles. These coins can be later expended to upgrade your character or to buy power-ups and boosts you need to wisely use during your run.

Among the various power-ups, probably the most useful is the gorgeous (albeit typical) white stallion that will help you outrun the bride for a while, giving you some always helpful respite. The horse can be further empowered with the Hen power, that will make him run even faster than the wind itself! The other mandatory power-up is the powerful shield, that will save you from dangers, allowing you to run without hitting any obstacle for a short time. Other than that, you can find magnets that will help you grab all the coins on the screen, and Bonus Coin Power Up x2, that will double all the coins you collect.
You can also compete with other players around the world thanks to an online leaderboard, to show everyone who’s the best runner around. Another funny feature is the Facebook Connect feature to share your scores with all your friends, who you can also invite to check out who’s able to escape marriage for the longest time!

The game is very simple to play, but still quite hard to master, and together with his beautiful graphics and funny gameplay elements, it’s both suited for a casual 5-minutes experience to spend some time waiting in a queue, or a more challenging experience to get the highest score.


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