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Organizing and planning an event is not a simple task. One must have a vast experience of organizing to make it a successful event. Few people succeed only through experience but there are several shortcuts available always to surpass the experience. One such shortcut for organizing the events is It’s the complete experience of many people gathered together and displayed in the form of a web application to solve all your planning issues. You don’t need to contact any expert to make your plan and spend in thousands of dollars. Just sign up for free and try your way and make your own plans. Any registered user can easily access this application and create events quickly.

It’s very user friendly application which offers great options to make your event a fun filled one. This website offers you a subdomain for your event. You can publish this subdomain anywhere and invite your friends easily. Publish this sub domain page in social networking friends and let them know about your grand function. In the event creation page you have options to enter the event schedule, event location and a short description about the event. The most important option is it allows your guests to authorize themselves while registering for a seat in your function through an access code registration process. You also have option to categorize your guest criteria as per your need.

Once the Event it created you will have lot of options to customize your guest registration page look fancy. You can add a picture about the event and express you joy. The event overview page displays a summary of the event and summary of guests count whoever has claimed their seats via access code registration. It gives a brief information about the event details.

Based on your guest count you have option to plan their seating arrangements by adding tables. You can split up the tables based on the guest criteria. You have option to add as many as guests you want and there is no restriction for this. It all depends on your comfort level and how many guests you are expecting. You can give a survey to the guests about the upcoming event and you can get their suggestions. Through which this application gives more external ideas to plan the occasion.

Under the tickets tab you can get a clear idea about the access codes generated and you can share the access codes to your dear ones so that they will connect to the guest url and reserve their seat through the access code. You have option to keep track of every tickets claimed using the access codes. Every claimed guest’s information will be displayed under the guests tab so that you will have a clear idea of who is going to attend the function and where they are going to sit. You can easily export the guest information into a csv file or you can easily print you table plan and make it available for escorting. It’s one of the best tools which makes an end to end planning of your event in a very professional manner and gives you a complete peace of mind.

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