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This is my review of Askers, an Android app. It is a free social application that is rated T for Teens. The app lets you sign up with facebook or twitter and use your information from those profiles to create an account. Basically, the app has a number of ‘Answerers’, or upper-middle class reputable professionals residing in cities. Each of the answers has an app handle that resembles a Twitter account, with photos and followers. You can ask any of these six listed answers questions about advice regarding urban living, their opinions on politics, or other. For example, one of the answers is a New Jersey and New York attorney to whom somebody is asking if Hillary Clinton broke the law. There are ‘listeners’ for each ‘answerer’ in a few categories of questions. The app lists a few main groups of topics for questions, that fall into ‘Agriculture and Natural Resources’, ‘Architecture and Construction’, ‘Arts, Sports and Entertainment’, ‘Business and Entrepreneurship’, ‘Education and Training’, ‘Food, Fashion and Culture’, ‘Finance, Economics and Accounting’, ‘Health Science’, ‘Law and Public Safety’, ‘Science, Engineering and Technology’, ‘Politics’, and Other’.

Obviously, with only six answering people and two hundred or so asked questions on the site, the application has been launched only in the last couple months, and is fairly new. There are only a number of general categories designated for the questions asked, despite a large majority of the questions asked falling into the ‘Other’ category. Hence, the application obviously needs more answers for each category. As it stands, there is only one answer per question group, handling each category. If the questions concern fashion, music, arts, entertainment, and trivia, for example, it becomes difficult for interested listeners to find answers to their desired topical questions with limited availability of the answers.

Due to the slightly test-run, or prototypic look and feel of the application, there is a lack of social media attention brought to it based upon limited marketing. My rating for this application is hence three and a half stars. For what it is worth, the application seems to be launching well so far in its beginning stages, but to be successful, Askers will need more diversity of functions, such as a ‘Discussion Board’, as well as more question answers to ask questions. The latter is especially crucial for it to be a widely-used application. The app will need more experts, and also organize them by city or region. As it stands, these people seem to be concentrated around America, with San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. The application’s limitation is that it is run entirely by its askers and functions on their labor. So I find it remarkable that only six people can run the entire supply and demand of the application.

More answers will definitely bring more listeners. The application seems easy enough to use with its twitter resemblance, that it will not have a problem bringing more people who sign up and use it. The diversity of question topics is good, but just has not been filled. With improvement and time, the application will quickly become popular amongst the adolescent and young adult crowd ages 14 and above, with a smartphone.

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