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Aston Forex Mobile Trader is a new application for the Android OS designed for businessmen and investors to check how their Forex stocks are doing and observe the market trends just by using the Android Smartphone. Forex are increasingly getting more and more popular due to the fact that there is no need for a physical broker and small capitals can easily earn more. As Forex trading is getting hotter by each second, Aston Forex has taken the plunge into investing its money into the Mobile Industry in order to gain a bigger market share.

The Aston Forex Mobile Trader app opens up very quickly, with the “Home” tab appearing first. At the home tab, you would be able to view your favorite forex options. For me, I configured the app to show me EUR/USD, Indices and Energies as those 3 categories are the most profitable according to my research. You can also order more stocks simply by using the “Order” tab, which is quick and easy to do. This means you can trade anywhere you go, just as long as you have WiFi or internet capabilities on your phone. Another smart direction that Aston Forex Mobile Trader is going would be that they have integrated the Aston Forex Web Trader and the MetaTrader into this app, meaning you can sync and track your online trading with just the phone.

Another great part about this app is its customizability. You could view the graphs and charts of the Forex positions easily, for example there is a Open High Low Close chart for EUR/USD. The app updates automatically ensuring you to have the best and most updated positions that you can find. The app is also user friendly; you can send immediate feedback about Aston Forex Mobile Trader back to their customer service department and they would be swift to repair the bug. You could even browse your old positions as that would certainly help you in making a future decision on whenever that position would be profitable and use that data to predict future movements in forex.

However, I should be talking about some of the bad points that exist in this app. For once, the app runs very slowly on my Android phone where when I click on something, it will take the app almost 3 seconds for the thing to load up which would make me lose the chance to make a profit or take advantage of a weak currency. There should also be an option to create an account once you entered the app. This way, the customers of Aston Forex Mobile Trade could easily register and invest more much into Forex without the use of a computer but just a small phone. However, do not let these flaws fool you. In conclusion, the app is both users friendly and fast enough for the normal forex fanatic and you would balk at the horsepower of which this profiting app would help you in your adventures in forex.

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