AtHome Camera – Home Security: Secure your Home Sweet Home

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Home security is a topic of increasing concern today. A lot of companies are providing innovative solutions to the issue as well. Most of these require you to install expensive equipment and tools into your house and step out of your comfort zone. What if we told you that you could use your mobile phone as a security camera? Sounds amazing and impossible right? Android app developer iChano Tools have made this possible with their app ‘AtHome Camera – Home Security’

AtHome Camera – Home Security allows you to turn your mobile phone into a full-fledged video surveillance system. It provides a very simple and easy to use solution to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. The working of the app is simple. It allows you to connect any camera- like your PC or an iOS device- to your phone and view the recordings from your phone anywhere and anytime.

You will need an additional power source, internet connection and a camera besides your smart phone. But, then again, who doesn’t have all of these easily available. There are many cool features built into the app that give you complete control over your home security. Essentially, it is not just one camera watching your home and another viewing it. There are also motion detection, recording, email alerts, audio recording and more features to keep your home safe.

There are two aspects of the app to complete your home surveillance system. The first part involves capturing the video stream using AtHome Camera and the second part involves streaming this to your mobile using AtHome Video Streamer. You have to download the two apps on different devices and connect them over a Wi-Fi or 3G or any other network. You can download the apps on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android and be rest assured that they are compatible and come with the best and most optimised user experience.

Each of the cameras is protected well with a password and a personalised ID. Nevertheless, it is always safer to keep them well hidden and safe. A stranger could use this against you to take a sneak peek into the insides of your home. You must ensure that neither of the two devices falls into the wrong hands.

Despite this tiny glitch, AtHome Camera – Home Security is one of the most practical solutions for those who wish to keep a check on their baby while on an outing or keep a check on the house while on vacation or ensure that your dog doesn’t wreak havoc while you’re away at work. You can capture every moment using this app. With pre-scheduled recording, secure connection, motion detection, email alerts and push alerts, this app comes with all the features you would look for in a home security system.

There are 2 versions of the app available currently- the free version and the Pro version. The free version allows you to view a mere 15 minutes per day and allows integration with a single camera only. The Pro version is unfortunately available only for the iOS.

Good: Email notifications, motion detection

Bad: Safety issues if one of the devices falls into wrong hands

Worth Having App – Download the App


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