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For all the ones out there who remember playing the “RISK” board game that went popular in the 90s, there might be some really good news for you all. Last month, a multiplayer mobile version of the famous game was re-created and released for the iOS and Android by the name “Attack your Friends”; the idea being the same as that of the original – to conquer the whole world!


With the creator’s tagline – “Turn your friends into enemies”, you might be pretty familiar with what it means if you’ve ever had an experience with the traditional game.

A turn based multiplayer game; the app doesn’t require you to be online all the time to make moves. Nor is there a need for other players to be available at the same time. This strategy game gives players the ability to use push messages and notifications to change turns allowing everyone taking part to move at their own pace. The game revolves around players building their units and pushing them to take control over new territories, the objective being pretty simple – dominating the world by conquering as many countries as possible on the world map!


The developers have been really creative with the in-game features for players providing the ability to form alliances with opponents, play in different regions and climates (tropical, desert and arctic), collect troop and defense cards to gain an advantage over others and play with other random players other than friends. Not to forget, it also maintains a player’s profile and keeps a track of all the game statistics to have a leaderboard with top scores, making it a lot more addictive than it would’ve been without it. In addition, more advanced players get to take part in different diplomatic challenges from time to time.


The game is said to be easy and straightforward to understand for the average and casual gamer, but a lot more difficult for the ones who are up for all hurdles. Nonetheless, the developer itself has called it to be “An easy game to learn but a difficult one to master”. No matter what kind of a player you are, this addictive game would be hard enough to let it go once you get your hands on it.


With over 15,000 downloads within a little more than a month, “Attack you Friends” has received almost as many opinions and reviews as the downloads. Just like the variety of features in the game, the people who’ve played it also have as many different opinions. While almost all of them have been positive with gamers admiring their addiction to the game, a few have been able to point out a few issues as well, the most complaints being about the dice not working properly causing players to lose more units than they should. Some have also pointed out to the controls being sloppy.

While the game might have a few issues, it nevertheless has a huge potential. The concept and the features are quite overwhelming and considering the positive feedback, the creators should get the bugs fixed pretty soon. Also to be kept in mind, it has been just a month since the release of the game and there haven’t been major updates for it yet. Till then, enjoy the enslaving game as much as possible and keep an eye for a lot more.

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