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Everyone loves audiobooks and they have ample reason to do so. They offer additional comfort besides just plane boring reading and help one understand that which they read much better. Now, listening to audiobooks has been made much easier with Audiobooks android app. You can listen to audiobooks on your android tablet or phone without the least trouble. And you can choose among the latest books from over 15000 books, downloading up to two at a time.

You no longer are required to go through the tedious process of purchasing audiobooks but can stream them live unlimited. At a small monthly fee, you can access an unlimited collection of audiobooks, including the latest releases, classics and bestsellers. You just have to connect to your cellular or wi-fi.

The navigation of Audiobooks is simply excellent, being focused more on listening than on the narration. Switching between pages is very easy and the interface is quite pleasing and very intuitive. Although the response is a little slow while switching between the tabs, it is not slow enough to get you frustrated.

If you do not have a love for audiobooks, this app will sure help you develop and nurture one. If unable to decide on a book, you could give a shot to one among the featured titles. You can skip forth or back by a time interval of 30 seconds. When not required, the controls just disappear to avoid crowding your page. The quality of streaming is very good, on both 3G and on WiFi. If you happen to be interrupted in between for some cause, then this app will save you the trouble of finding your last words by maintaining your latest position for you.

Searching for books has been simplified to its maximum on this app as they have been organized very well as per their respective categories. You can also look up for recommendations and similar titles if you especially happen to like a particular book. The quality of the audio is superb as well. The collection of books is not very large compared to the others in its league and you might be disappointed at times when you do not find certain books. Be prepared to not find a book for streaming.

You can opt for a trial offer for a period of 7 days if you wish to explore this Android app all the more and gain unlimited access to books without having to download them ever again. The interesting and most recent audiobooks are constantly available for you to avail of so that you will find most books that you can possibly ask for. With the option of automatic bookmarking in case there is a call and the simple and easy to use interface, this audiobooks app is one of the best you can get. And with the books arranged and organized so well according to categories, finding a book is not a time-consuming task anymore. So, nurture your love for audiobooks with this app.

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