AudioZest 3D Music Player- Making Music More Fantastically Realistic

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Music is a form of art that must be enjoyed to its fullest, such that it can strike the chords of your heart. At times, despite the music itself being splendid, the devices that you have available to play it might not bring out its true potential in tuning your mind. Till now, there were speakers that one placed at a distance or headphones that rung the music inside your head. None give the complete effect that music was meant to have in studios. To find out what music can really do, you must try out the AudioZest 3D Music Player.

AudioZest is basically an android app that acts as a showcase for AudioCauldron Headphone Engine. This sound processor makes the sound appear to emanate from a set of virtual speakers, making it boom in your room like a home theatre. And you do not need any special quality music to do this! Just pick any piece of music from your library and enjoy it like never before. It makes your music seem to come from studio monitors, negating the effect that headphones can have on it.

If you thought that this all to AudioZest 3D Music Player, then you are mistaken. This android app also does everything that your media player would normally do, including sorting music by Genre, Playlist, Title and Artist. There is the option of playing a music piece immediately or adding it to a playlist or queue, which you can alter from your Playback menu to empty or delete songs from it.

As the name suggests, AudioZest adds a layer of 3D to your music. There are 3D settings that you can configure to allow the music to sound best in your surroundings. The speakers can be placed at any suitable angle around you, including the range of 22.5 to 30 degrees that is used in cinemas for movies. The speakers can be moved anywhere around you, including overhead. Unlike all other devices, your sound is not restricted to any disc.

The 3D configuration settings allow you to do so much. Besides just turning the app on or off, you can move them in any imaginable direction possible. Fidget with them to realize unique settings like obtaining a mono source by configuring the separation to zero or placing them overhead to make them sound like the divine voice of God from heaven. The Equalizer is among the best that you will find in 3D music player apps.

The user interface has been kept simple yet sophisticated to include a number of features. The classic black look makes the icons and buttons stand out. Creating playlists and working with them has been implemented effectively. The 3D configuration is one of its kind and allows you immense flexibility, while giving you the best of any setting that you wish to try.

If you are a music lover and are of the opinion that speakers and headphones do injustice to music, then AudioZest 3D Music Player is the perfect pick for you. This app will not disappoint you but give you the best that music can get.

Good: The 3D configuration settings can do wonders, giving a more realistic effect to your music

Bad: None

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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