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Auto Law Pro, a mobile auto app designed for iOS platform version 6.0 or higher.The product is compatible with iPhone,iPad,iPad touch even though it is optimized for iPhone 5.This app was designed for users who panic under precarious situations and wonder how to proceed in case of a road emergency.AutoLawPro (ALP) helps in neutralizing the stress out of an unforeseen incident for an automobilist.

As the name suggests Auto Law Pro, is a traffic accident/incident app that helps the individual to collect information in situations like auto accidents,traffic tickets due to violation of rules and DUIs (Driving Under Influence).ALP comes with unique features mentioned as follows.

The aesthetically impressive home-screen provides three options for the user.

1.Emergency : The emergency tab has a few important sub-options like “call 911” and sending emergency text messages or mails to your loved ones.The best thing about this feature is that the messages and texts are pre-loaded so one does not have to type them in those hasty & panicky circumstances.The allows us to attach the GPS generated location along with the messages.Fortunately, this App gives a step-by-step guide of what information you need to gather at the scene to include the video and audio features.

2.I had an Accident : This tab comes with a some important sub-options in which we can fill in details of you own car,others car,other party’s insurance records,damage to the property, location of incident,police office information and witness data.After an accident its real difficult to get hold of things; so ALP came up with an ingenious idea of “fill in blanks” format to note down the information, which can be later on used during the investigation.The information can also be sent to a network of attorneys for legal help onsite.

3.I got a Ticket : Statistically speaking 20.6% of all the drivers get themselves a ticket in an year.Getting a ticket is frequent these days. ALP provides space for just about everything from taking pictures with citation to information regarding the details of the incident.ALP simplifies these things and lets the individual concentrate on more important subjects – themselves !

Aftermath of any incident, users may understandably be shocked and have a lot on their mind.Thankfully ALP app comes with a layout that can be easily handled even by a child in need.

Layout :
The layout is very user friendly and self explanatory;Navigation through the app is a piece of cake!This wonderful app makes it real easy to create an account and take the help of it on the go.The fonts are easy to read and the design is easy on the eyes.The in-app graphics have been kept to a minimum but it makes sense keeping in mind the real purpose of the app.

Value of the App:
The next best thing the app can provide after so much is by making it free.Yes! ALP is free of cost, so an individual does not have to worry about spending a dime on it or feel cheated after downloading it and ending up not liking it.

To sum it all up Auto Law Pro gets it job done without charging a penny.This is a must have app for anyone and everyone using a vehicle.Why be tensed and panicked alone, when someone else is willing to help you?ALP is the next best thing to a real attorney one can have with them at all the times.ALP is a veritable one stop shop of automobile convenience.

Worth Having App – Download the App