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Getting difficulty in managing all your vehicle records at one place?Autosist has come up with an aim to minimize efforts and make your work very easy. It is a complete app to manage,track and share your vehicle records in an easy organized way accessible across all devices. With some really exciting features, Autosist has all potential to change conventionally tricky methods of keeping records of vehicle to make them easily manageable and accessible. Autosist is completely free for all services.
Let’s quickly demonstrate what features it incorporates which makes it a valuable app.

Uploading a document:

For any new record,You can upload or take pictures of receipts, documents and other important records. If you have an existing reports before this app and don’t want to upload it one by one, there is an easier option to import all records at one go. We just need to take pictures of all documents and email to autosist team and your documents will be imported in your account. You can also place them at cloud storage service like dropbox and send a link to them.There is one more option to send hard-copies to them via US mail. Team will upload to your account and send them back to you.

Generating and transferring a report:

There is an ‘run receipt history reports’ features in it’s tools, which enables to compile all records in ‘receipt’ section and generate a report in a pdf format which can be sent via email. It is a great feature to show your service history reports to your future buyers.Records can also be transferred to an email from ‘Tools’–>’Transfer Vehicle’ or an ‘Envelope’ icon from top right corner.All Individual Reports are mailed in JPEG format.The New buyer gets records sent to their mobile within seconds.
manage multiple vehicles and Personal data:

Autosist allows us to manage records for multiple vehicles And it is very easy to toggle between them. By adding keywords to receipts, allows to search your receipts very quick. It also has a feature to store personal documents which are not any vehicle specific like Driver’s License,AAA Card. It includes a separate Glove-box section, Where these files can be saved under ‘Personal Docs’. If we delete any specific vehicle, these files would not be deleted. It is recommended from Autosist team to store information like Registration number and title in ‘General Docs’ Tab, so these files will be deleted when you delete a vehicle. Autosist has very quick support service.
Security of records:

Autosist has taken security of your data very seriously.They have incorporated multiple levels of security to protect and backup of your data into their secured infrastructure which includes,Secure Socket layer, ASE 256 Bit Encryption and daily backups.
Conclusion: It seems they have also fixed some bugs associated with external keyboards like Swype and Swift key. This app is really helpful and probably the best in this category. With improved service assistance, Autosist is all set to give you a better experience while managing your vehicle records under one app.

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