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What about a perfect start to your morning with a smiley message! That’s always encouraging and makes the mood for the day. Similarly, good wallpaper for the home screen of your phone is a not any essential requirement but a plus point to your side which you won’t like to lose. Following the same, Yegor Korzh, a professional photographer from Australia has put some efforts to deliver the happiness at your home. He has taken some marvelous shots with his camera and put together the juice in one app called, Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free.

The Android app has made to the market recently and has enough stuff to keep you engaged playing with it. It is not just a wallpaper book rather a home place for all your photos whether it be your family photos stored in your Picasa Web Album or your friends’ collections shared on Facebook or any other social networking site. So, just install the app and start summing up your collection at one place.

The app has 5 different categories of wallpapers named as Landscapes, Seascapes, Forestscapes, Abstract and Latest. There are a total of 100+ high quality wallpapers which have a resolution of up to 3000×2000 pixels and are resized according to your device before download. When you install the device, it actually doesn’t download anything along with it and all the wallpapers are downloaded at the time when you open each category. Also, only thumbnails are provided and not the full view which might create some irritation as you’ll have to set the wallpaper each time for the home screen and then check out if it works or not. There is one favorite section where you can store the wallpapers you like. Also, you can add images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google Picasa albums and even your phone gallery. All the images will be stored in the Favorites section and can be used to be set as wallpapers.

The overall image quality is good. But you won’t find something new or extraordinary that you can call to be you have never seen before. Most of the wallpapers were like the ones you find on Google images or any other wallpaper website, though some were exceptional. Also, the no. of wallpapers is limited but keeps on updating after regular intervals. The interface is very simplified but whenever you open any category, all the wallpapers will load each time. Even when you move the page up and down, it takes a little time and hinders smooth surfing. And the developers have decided to stick to the thumbnail view to save your data download.

The app is available as free and a purchased one. While the free package includes most of the features but doesn’t allow for a wallpaper slideshow and certain other features, the full package comes for $1.

Overall, the app is not limited to a wallpaper store but a complete home for your photos and this makes it worth its price. We will recommend you to experience it hands-on at least one time.

Pros: 100+ wallpapers, good quality, access to images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google Picasa albums and even your phone gallery, free.

Cons: full view not available, limited photos, thumbnails load each time you open the folder.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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