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With plenty of wallpaper applications in the Android market, Awesome Wallpaper claim to be quite different from other wallpaper apps and it makes your Smartphone look far much cooler. Wallpapers can change the mood of your phone and make you feel good too. With scores of resources available online, it can be quite a task to look for the right one. Awesome Wallpaper is here to give you a helping hand for your Android and provides a complete wallpaper solution.

Awesome wallpaper has some of the most stylish and interesting wallpapers for your Android. All wallpapers are of high definition and high quality, and can be optimized and operated according to your specific wallpaper needs. It is a general belief that for downloading Android wallpapers, either quality or speed has to be compromised, which is absolutely wrong. Awesome Wallpaper directly loads all images from their own server to make the application fast and efficient.

The wallpapers are designed with user interface and experiences in mind to easily enable a user utilize the app in just a few clicks. One more advantage is that if you are not happy with the collection of wallpaper images, you can always share your preferences and ideas about wallpapers with other users and find the one you are searching for. You can share your wall papers with your family and friends and also save images on your Smartphone. You can post your favorite wall papers to Social Networking Sites. You can even write comment on wallpaper and share the most preferred ones. Android wallpapers are supported by all SNS platforms. You can very well do this by using Gmail, Me2day, Picasa, Tik talk, Kakao talk, and even SMS.

Awesome Wallpaper has around 43 category ranges from basic and simple patterns to popart and masterpieces, which you may find very interesting. If you are a big fan of sports, you can check out the MLB, NBA, and SuperBowl categories. Those looking for simple wallpapers have the Colorful, Pattern, Retro and 3D categories to choose from. Feel fresh with Nature, City, Night scene, Travel, Beach and Space categories offer a refreshing change. If you want to Brandize your Smartphone with Android wallpapers, they have brand logos and emblem of all the top universities. Awesome Wallpaper cater to all your needs including military categories for boys and cute, love, flower and fashion categories liked by girls. Funny, money, food, animals, baby, Movies, Music, Art (master pieces and Popart), Graffiti, Firework, Quote, Abstract things, and Black and white Scary pics are some of the categories you will see.

You can make use of their search engine provided in the app to search and find out wallpapers all over the world. Since all their images are carefully selected by specialists, you will definitely feel the difference in terms of quality. This app perfectly works with Launcher pro, Go Launcher, Adw Launcher and is compatible with Tablet and Icecream sandwich. All the content are totally free and Awesome Wallpaper could be the one stop shop for all your Android wallpaper needs.

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