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Most of us use iphone apps for managing our budget, career, documents etc. The concept of apps has taken a bolder step with the B Book. Simply stated, the B Book is an iPhone app that lets users manage their sex life. This app is a great way to organize and keep on top of different contacts, ideal for those individuals who love going out, meeting different people and follow a sexually active lifestyle. Developed by Entropy Enterprises, the app is available for free in the app store. The B Book requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS. Users of the app must be 18 years and over.


Putting a spin on contact management for adults, the B Book (aka the Booty Book) is a bold new app for the iPhones. The app eliminates any guess work in the love life of its users by helping them keep a tab on all their love interests, irrespective of the number! A lot of dating enthusiasts stay in touch with more than one person at one time. Some contacts may be just acquaintances, some friendly relations, and a few others could be more intimate bonds. Managing the different contacts efficiently at once can seem confusing and overwhelming. Here is where B Book gives a helping hand.

The B Book shares the same working principle as the bank account budgeting apps for the iPhone. Similar to how you will keep track of money and account balance, the B Book lets you manage how many men or women you are dating/ want to date or hook up with.

The app lets you manage all your contacts in a well organized manner. You can start by creating a B Book account, which hardly takes a minute. You can then login and start using the app. B Book lets you categorize your contacts into Prospects or Bedmates. For each of the contact you put in, the app lets you add profile information such as age, ethnicity, body type, height, date of meeting etc. You can even set reminders for a hook-up or date. A rating option lets you rank your contacts in your favorite order.

With a secure password protection option for profiles and even a fake caller ID, the B Book does not seem to have any privacy loop holes. A very attractive and useful feature that the app includes is the disguise option, which lets users protect their identity should someone accidentally operate the phone and open the app. Users can also participate in the B Book community, where they can post stories and share experiences with fellow users.


Though the app seems to be on a very different subject, it caters well to the needs of the dating/ hook-up enthusiasts. The app is presented in a very decent way, ideal for those on the track.

Good – Personal profiles and customization for each contact, intuitive interface, and privacy control.

Bad – No option to hide the app from displaying in the phone list.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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