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Naming a baby has always been a very emotional thing. Not only do all people want the best name for their baby, they also want to ensure that the name is in sync with the character of the baby. Of course it has to reflect their parent’s name as well and yes, the middle name has to be associated with the godmother. With so many things attached to finding the perfect name for a baby, it is virtually impossible to satisfy all of them.

This problem has been effectively solved by Bounty (UK) Ltd., who has come up with excellent software by the name of “Baby Names by Bounty”. This is a software which can be downloaded free of cost from the iTunes App Store, either on the computer or on the mobile. This is a compilation of baby names forming a huge database through which baby names can be browsed, short listed and even shared with friends and family. With representatives of this company presents in almost all hospitals new names are constantly added to this ever expanding database making it one of the most dynamic software available today.


  • It is a compilation of names along with the top 100 names for boys and girls for the current year
  • It can generate baby names randomly when shaken
  • The names can also be sorted on the basis of the most popular names of a particular locality
  • It can also prepare a list of a person’s favorite baby names and share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Names are compiled in an alphabetical order with a selection of names for boys and girls for every alphabet
  • The origin, meanings and significance of each name is also given.
  • It has the ability to generate names which match the middle names as well as names of siblings.
  • This software also allows the user to go in for advanced name search on the basis of different filters like origin, initial letters, number of syllables, meanings etc.
  • Databases are regularly updated so that the users are kept up to date with any new names that are found.

Summary: This software is of a big help to parents of new born babies especially when they are looking for unique names or popular names etc. A parent who does not want to go through the whole database can simply sort it out on the basis of his requirements and get a name for his baby quickly. Also with this software being compatible with both the mobile and the desktop, users can now browse through baby names the moment he gets flashes of inspiration with regards to the same.

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