BackgammonAce- Aceing the game of Backgammon.

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Backgammon has been played since time immemorial by people of all ages alike. It is one of those games that never dies out of fashion. iOS app developer HEROZ has given this traditional game a new lease of life with the app BackgammonAce. This app caters to those who are unable to find a competitive enough match or who wish to better their skills with the game. It adds a new unique aspect to the game.

Getting started with the app is very simple. The need for signing up is eliminated altogether. You can directly log in through your Twitter or Facebook account. For those who use neither of these two, there is an alternate option of signing up as well. Following this, you just enter your name. With that you are ready to get going. At the end of one game, you can almost instantly move on to the next one with a new player. There is also the option to watch other games and take part by betting on the winners. There’s nothing like learning through observation of the masters.

The rating system is quite a handy tool for self-evaluation. At the end of each match, you can replay all your moves to study where you could have made better ones. Your skills with the game are assessed by a rating system which records and outputs your improvement over time. The ‘Ace’ button uses the best of artificial intelligence to determine what the best move at any given point of time is. Any time you are in need of help, this button can indeed be your savior. With these functions, you can master the game with ease, without putting in the least effort. Enjoy it with a packet of chips or popcorn and play by moving a single finger, literally.

BackgammonAce boasts of excellent graphics and user interface alongside these special features. The user interface is highly navigable, very clean and free of clutter. Top notch fantastic graphics add to the ‘oomph’ factor of the interface. This, coupled with the background music and sound effects makes the app near perfect. Originality and a gush of imagination give this app another strikingly pleasing aspect.

Through this app, you can get a chance to play with computers, friends as well as players across the globe. With greater competition, you can learn so much more and assess yourself better. The match-ups get more exciting and challenging as you continue one game after another. Before you know it, you will be unable to put down your iOS device.

With continuous practice and learning, it won’t be long before you master the game of Backgammon with this app. The application of artificial intelligence and the rating system give it an edge over the many similar apps in its niche. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires all of 42.8 MB on your device. If you wish to get started with this game or wish to compete with other players, aiming for the title of the ultimate champion, then this app is a must-have.

Good: Application of artificial intelligence

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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