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On a website, you can see many banners and the more popular the website is, the more banners you’ll see there. All of these banners are advertisements that when clicked take you to a pre-determined location. They are considered the best and most efficient way to promote your business. It works on a simple formula: the more doors you knock, the more is the probability that at least one of them will answer. But as you know, there are many different banners on a single page and therefore your banner must be unique, interesting and captivating in some way to attract more and more people. But designing such banners takes time and therefore you’re left with very little time in your hand to layout the marketing strategy which is of course as important as the banner itself. But don’t worry because we’ve got a new tool for you that’ll solve all your problems.

I am talking about the web app called Bannerflow ( It is not Software and therefore you don’t need to install it on your system nor do you have to care for the upgrades. All you have to do is register for your account and start receiving the benefits.

Bannerflow allows you to handle everything related to your banner project at one place. Let’s start with creating a new banner using the banner builder. There are many banner sizes that you can choose from or you can create your own custom size. If you have any logo images on your system, you can upload them and use them in your banner. The drag and drop functionality works with great efficiency. Adding text to an image in any font of your choice is as easy as scribbling down notes in your handbook. There are many transition effects as well to give that ‘extra-special’ touch to your banner. The timeline tool at the bottom of the workspace allows you to take full control of your animation. After you’re done with your banner, you can save it. If you’re about to create a new similar banner, you can use the settings of the previous one to save you handful of time.

When you’re promoting your business online, you can’t restrict yourself to one language. So each banner is usually designed in many different languages. Thanks to Bannerflow that you don’t have to bother for any of them as the in-app translator does everything for you. Just choose the language and your text is translated perfectly.

When you’ve put so much effort in designing the banners, you must have a good marketing strategy for them. That’s where bannerflow comes in handy as well. It lets you draw the schedule of all the banners that you can send to your publishers and marketing team. Moreover, you can share your banners via email, social networks, directly. There are many more features such as the single-click addition of landing page, analysing your ads, tracking the users, real-time reporting, etc and it all makes up what Bannerflow is today. It’s not just the intuitive UI or the abundance of features that makes it unique but the feeling that your quest for perfection ends here!

There is a 14-day free trial available. The paid plans start from $29/month and you can create your own custom plan as well. So everything is in place, except you. Let them know you’re present!

Pros: intuitive UI; any size; in-app translator; timeline animations; schedule your marketing strategy; add landing pages; in-depth analysis; 14-day free trial.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Web App –   Try  Banner flow Now.


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