Barney The Box – Make a Line and Stand Still

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The story begins with a small box, named Barley who has experienced a lot in his life span and wants all the things stacked together in a regular order. But while solving one such problem on a trip to Antarctica, it landed into an explosion. That’s when it decided to let others handle this task for it. Therefore, it is now seeking help from you to arrange different boxes and stones such that Barney can proudly say for you to be his ultimate quest!

We are talking about the latest iOS app, Barney the Box, developed by Next Web Generation. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. Barney wants you to stack up all the boxes and stones on one level. But you have to keep some cautions. Not a single box should touch the floor. Also, Barney stands always at the bottom; therefore all the boxes should be above it. Drag and drop them on each other following the physics laws. In higher levels, you will find some complex arrangements of boxes and stones which will be quite difficult to balance. Also, similar to angry birds, there are some “shoot boxes” which you have to shoot at right angles to right place.

You can consider Newton to be the designer of this game as all his laws are equally applicable to all constraints. You will feel the movement of all the arrangements to be in a gravity world. With vibrant graphics and nice animations, the app uses Box2D engine similar to angry birds and poses a tough challenge to your brain. There are 60 different levels of game play and there is hardly any chance that you won’t be frustrated in the middle of the game, but don’t quit. Just strain your brain nerves a little and you will find a solution.

The game is available for $0.99 in the App Store. But you are not paying for just a game; rather it will help you to improve your motor skills and patience level. As a boost drink, there are some reward trophies like winner, loser, explosion, etc. Also, you can compare your scores with your friends on Facebook.

Overall, we had a very good experience playing the game. At first instance, what sounded like simply a “box dropping” game actually came out to be quite fascinating with a wide variety of new elements and combinations in the later stages. You will find a lot of stuff packed tightly under a single roof. There is a nice story build up but we still feel that role of Barley itself is very limited and it could deliver something extra.

Be ready for this addictive package shooting all the troubles to the bottom!

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