Beach Whale iOS Game – The Life of a Fish

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Life below the sea is out of imagination. It is beautiful, diverse and has a survival story for every creature a part of it. There are big hunters swimming all around while the prey can only pray to survive one more day. The quest is always on. But then we humans are smart enough to infringe the boundaries and attack those creatures in their own locality. “Finding Nemo” is just the right thought for the concept and details every danger a fish is exposed to. But then dedication and luck are the two factors that their breed is still alive and that are what we learn with “Beach Whale”.

Beach Whale is the new iOS/Android app that has been developed by Indie Gaming Company. The app is yet to be launched on 26, Nov 2012 but we were able to have a look at it with the help of the developer. The app is an under-water game that features you as a whale fighting for its survival in the sea. There are many elements that separate this game apart from the rest of the group.

The game features different locations like the Fisherman Wharf and the Rocky Shore. There are obstacles on your way as per the location like the Fisherman Wharf will be flooded with traps and the Rocky Shore has many big rocks to block the road. Then power ups and weapons that you can use to clear your way with a blast. Tilt controls can be used for the upward and downward movements. You need to keep collecting items like fish, bombs and other stuff on your way and add to the treasure. These bombs can be spit later to clear any obstacles like rocks and fight against your enemies.

There are a total of four gaming modes: normal, boss, survival and super boss. The boss levels are the real deal with the difficulty level a notch higher and you can further advance in terms of difficulty going for the hardcore version that is very difficult to cope with. There are 4 different bosses; massive octopus, angry shark, giant crab and blade spinning turtle. These four will make sure that you don’t leave the battlefield without scars. But you are given enough chances to make up for that with upgrades like tail swap and tongue. Also, you can upgrade your complete fish to a new one.

The gameplay is interesting, simple and unique as there are some elements which have been totally renovated by the developer. In many other similar games, there are some tricky additions like you have to breathe at regular intervals by surfacing the sea, then your speed is slow due to water and it’s difficult to control your fish or submarine, whatever you have. It typically describes the life of a diver rather than the fish and that’s where the game takes off high.

We really liked the game. It’s different with real-life mechanics and intuitive user interface. The game is yet to launch but we suspect it to become one of the best under-water apps.

Pros: interesting gameplay, lots of elements, upgrades, boss levels, real-life mechanics.

Cons: average graphics.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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