Beat Runner 3D: Music Run!- Gaming and Music to Soothe your Soul

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While music can sooth the soul, you sometimes need more than just music to satiate the stress levels after a hectic day. Nothing like escaping into a game that will make you forget all the commotion and pressure of reality. So, if you wish to cheer yourself up after a draining day, you will find the perfect tool in the Android app Beat Runner 3D: Music Run!

This Android app combines the two most ideal methods to relax oneself- music and gaming. It will sure help you handle stress and tension in an innovative way. Living to the fullest is important, even when one is surrounded by stress. This app brings alive gaming in the truest sense so that you can completely immerse yourself into your smartphone.

The game primarily boasts of two unique modes. The first is the Arcade mode with the runner. There are numerous hero characters for you to choose among. Pick the one that you can best relate yourself to and feel the thump and pump of action. The second mode is the Classic mode with the Piano. In this mode, there are control functions of various grades with 4/5/6 lines. Operation is easy with simple slide type or tap movements. This is like the conventional rhythmic action game but with numerous levels of speed control.

While the idea of the app is quite conventional, the implementation is what sets this app apart from others in its genre. The gameplay and speed and line controls add a new twist to the game that has not been seen in other traditional gaming apps. The 3D aspect is indeed the cherry on the cake. It takes gaming to a whole new level, while also enhancing the soothing effect of music. It is indeed one of the best packages to help wash away your stress.

With so many exciting features, one would even be ready to pay a price for it. However, this app is delightfully free of cost. There is an array of options to explore and newer updates add on to its features each day. Absolutely no strings attached in this one. It can indeed have a long lasting effect on your mood and is sure worth a shot.

Developed by MOVGames, Beat Runner 3D: Music Run!is among those apps that has the power to revolutionize the gaming industry. It requires all of 49 MB on your Android device with version 2.3 or higher. Unlike most gaming apps, it does not charge you but instead offers you pure fun and relaxation. The options are unlimited and so is the fun and entertainment.

If you need a stress buster after a tiring day, this game has the perfect amalgamation of both music and gaming. While most people go to one of these for relaxation, the combo of both can have a soothing effect like neither individually can. With its superb features, user friendly interface and unlimited options, it indeed is an app that you can boast of having on your device.

Good: Excellent combination of music and gaming

Bad: Too few songs

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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