Bee Jump : Addictive Game on your Android Phone

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This is the era of endless games where the player is tempted by the fact that he can keep scoring higher and higher as long as his fingers are running. But then the game should have the capacity to hold your interest for such a long period of time. If there are no surprises, no shifting of gears, then where’s the thrill quotient? How long can you drive a bike on an endless straight road until and unless there are some twists and turns? That being said let me introduce to you the latest Android app called Bee Jump.

Bee Jump has been developed by SoftUps. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.

Bee Jump is intriguing and will suck you inside right from the moment when you first enter the app. In fact, there’s nothing else. There are like no tributaries to this main river and that helps to save you some time finding the right address. But let’s jump straight to action. In this Honey-hunt, you’re portraying the role of a honey bee who’s looking to collect as much of honey packets as possible. Now, if you’ve the slightest of clue where honey comes from, then you’d agree with the decision of the developers to store these packets inside a six-sided honeycomb. The comb is open on one side and this is the gap that’ll allow you to enter the den. But as I said, nothing’s exciting without some twists and turns. So here they are.

The honeycomb is constantly rotating about its centre and if you miss your very first chance to enter the comb, you’ll have to wait till it completes its entire rotation and the gap comes back. But did I tell you how’ll you jump? Well, there’s nothing like a formal training for that purpose. All you have to do is just “tap” on the screen and watch the bee fly high. But you’ll have to constantly keep tapping the screen or otherwise the bee will come down again.

While you may easily enter the first comb, the problem comes when you start climbing higher. Once you get the packet, now it’s time to leave the current comb and enter the next one which is situated exactly above the first one. So you need to wait and watch for the moment when both the combs are aligned together and you can finally switch your house. The higher you go, faster would the combs rotate and therefore your moves would have to be quicker and sharper to accommodate the changing course of the game.

The developers have managed to find the fine line between elegance and simplicity. They’ve not attempted too much in the graphics department and that has helped. Within a first few attempts, the game will grow so much on you that it’d be irresistible to turn it down.

The app is available for free in the Play Store.

Pros: elegant graphics; irresistibly addictive gameplay; quick to play; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Game – Download the Game


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