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Do you hate insects? Well, you are not alone. A lot of us despise insects because of how gross they look and the first reaction when we spot one is to immediately squish it. If you are looking for a fun, simple and not-too-complicated app that you can just swipe and play, then here is Beetles HD to check out. The app is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. Time to stop the beetles, of course in High Definition!


No one knows where beetles came from but it is urgent we destroy all of them. The increasing number of chemicals has led to the extinction of a number of different species on the planet. However, working in reverse, it has also resulted in the increase of harmful insects that have mutilated into horrendous beetles, making our lives tougher. This idea forms the basic premise of the Beetle HD app.

The basic idea of the game is to let the user squish and stomp the beetles to their heart’s content. In battling with the beetles, you will come across good beetles, bad beetles, and some crazy terrible ones. As you might guess, killing the good beetles pushes you down the score ladder. You have to spare the good ones, and kill only the bad and terrible ones, before they run across to the bottom of your iPad’s screen and disappear. You need to use a combination of skill and attentiveness to decide which ones to kill and which ones to spare.

The app equips you with weapons, super weapons, and additional bonuses to help you successfully fight against the insects. If you try using some chemical agent to kill the beetles, you may be surprised because the insects could become stronger! Using a wrong chemical could result in mutating them into aggressive insects, and you have to work even harder to try and stop them. Because the beetles are so quick, their unpredictable movements make winning more the result of attentiveness. The game play is also simple and intuitive, where the user has to control the angle and speed with the intuitive flick of the fingers – simple but skillful. The user has to simply tap on the screen to activate a weapon and swipe to the right with two fingers to activate a super weapon from the right slot and vice versa.

The app puts on display a colorful and intuitive interface that hooks the players. The swift and engaging features in the app have been designed to promote longer game play. Accuracy and attention is all you need to successfully squish all the beetles. In return, you get that feeling of satisfaction and a lot of positive emotions!


Beetles HD is a simple app that guarantees a lot of squishing fun to children and adults likewise! The visuals are clear and do not distract the players. For $0.99, the app is surely worth a try.

Good: The HD feature is a definitive plus, taking the game to a whole new level. The app is available in two languages – English and Russian.

Bad: The app is good but it is not a knockout.


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