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Investing your money in a variety of sources to see it multiply is like a dream that has come true for all of us. If you do not have much in terms of financial skills, it is wise to make the best use of the skills that you have. If sports events are your area of expertise, then Betfair Sports Betting iOS app is surely for you. With this app, you can implement your skills in betting and gamble on sports events happening all around you.

This app, available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, is the complete betting app. It is available for all iOS device shaving iOS 7/0 or higher and is currently only available in England. It allows you to not only back bets but also to lay bets, making you the bookmaker. Betting on your favorite sports game could not have been made simpler. All you need is a few minutes and some money in your hands. With that and the app, you’re all set to go.

While there are other sports betting apps on the market, this app has a couple of unique features that make it the best available at present. You can bet on in-play games and also make the best of the cash out policy. As per the cash out policy, you can cash out one or more bets at any time if you think they are going to win for sure and give you returns or otherwise, irrespective of what the result turns out to be.

To make the best of the app, it is advised to sign up with it for a betting account. This facilitates direct cash withdrawals and payments. New users are offered bets for £20 for free to get them started at first. This money can be used with 21 days of registering with the app. £20 is credited to your bank account if you are all set to test your luck and place bets. Working with and managing your bets is extremely efficient and easy. You can play in-play bets as well as live bets. There are options to bookmark, update and cancel any active bets.

The app allows you to register yourself as a new betting office on the stock exchange so that you can bet independently. That way, you are completely incharge and are an official bookmaker. While the app comes with attractive rates, it can be a bit too complicated for beginners at first. It seems to have been made keeping professionals in mind. The app also comes with streaming of popular events in games such as horse racing, tennis, golf and football at all levels.

For better security, there are numerous payment methods available. Besides just credit cards and Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and Moneybookers are also available. To help with those methods that charge service fees, the app comes with a detailed table to acquaint you with all fees and limitations. This enables you to make the best choices. The Help section and video tutorials are indeed very handy if you are a beginner to the field of sports betting. Betfair is the best betting exchange app available for the iOS right now.

Good: Cash out, in play betting

Bad: Not too well suited for amateur bookmakers

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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