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It targets to engage software developers to share their ideas and empower them to turn those ideas into Open Source code that works. It does so by connecting like-minded developers and enables them to collaborate on anything related to coding. They trust in the power of open source and the developer community. As an independent open source project they are not bound to any company or any kind of technology.

They enable developers to find relevant information easily using powerful search and developer-specific social-networking tools to run and manage their projects with friends from all over the world. Most importantly they like to make this fun for everyone involved. And that is why they listen to all your feedback and incorporate as much of it into the community as is reasonable.

Their focus is on ensuring that you can focus on your code and not fight with the site. It has a journey without a “fixed destination”, they want you to have fun along the way. Hence they put no limitations on additional functionality via plugins or any forcible direction. Their only requirement is that all plugins should be either fun or valuable for developers.

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