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It is a platform that makes for truly democratic collaborative processes and shows an overview of your team’s work with: Latest Activity, Workstreams, Latest News, Team Members, Quicklinks and Work Breakdown.

There are no more pyramids, job titles or direct reports. Everyone is a member, and every member gets an equal binding vote. When people first join they are contributors. Votes are recorded, but are non-binding. This way, teams can get a sense of the crowd’s voice but ultimately the team members drive the direction of the project.

Contributors are nominated to be members, and are voted in by the core team. The core team is a subset of the members who can vote in new members. Anyone can be nominated to any level in an open enterprise, and everyone is accountable to each other. The result is a healthy and dynamic hierarchy replaces the rigid proscribed one.

Here from this site you can fine clear, simple governance rules, keeps people and teams accountable to themselves and each other. Thus they all result in less internal politics.

Quick Review of

A. Open, Democratic, decentralized social enterprise management.

B. They can be used for free by the companies.

C. What is the privacy options opted here?

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