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Whilst there are many competitors in the congested casino gaming market, it seems like Betway’s casino app could be onto a winner.

Developed in conjunction with Microgaming and London Bridge Media, this innovative little app looks to be a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to play a big selection of slots games, exciting table games, and interesting versions of video poker.

Most people probably go to the online casinos to play a quick game of slots, and there’s a massive choice of different playing options here. With dozens of weird and wonderful styles to choose from – my favourite being the one based on the Jurassic Park movie – it’s simple and quick to get in on the action.

And the app isn’t short on providing some pretty extravagant winnings either. Alongside the massive payouts that you can pick up by playing the progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, you also get a generous welcome bonus when you first download the app – handy for when you’re finding a game that matches your playing style.

However, it’s when you play the live casino games that this app really impresses most. Betway have created a stunning reinvention of roulette, with the new online variety offering seamless gameplay, great betting options, and wonderfully realistic graphics that put a real-life casino in the palm of your hand.

It’s great to see how old-school gambling games like roulette, blackjack and poker have been given a real renaissance thanks to smartphone technology. And although it may seem weird to play a card game on a smartphone or tablet, once you get used to the innovative gaming interface, it’ll be a long time before you go back to a normal pack of cards.

Hopefully we’ll start to see many other kinds of gaming providers developing apps like this and even Facebook’s Gameroom that feature many different kinds of games within one app. This is because there’s nothing worse than having to constantly switch between apps when the going’s good. But thankfully Betway have provided a seamless gaming experience that makes even the most complex poker game a real joy.


Simple and user-friendly interface

Massive choice of games

Very competitive payouts

Generous welcome bonus

Stylish graphics

Amazing live casino gameplay


Only iOS 8 or later


It’s hard to think of many ways to improve on this casino gaming app. When even a newcomer can pick up some big winnings at a push of a button, what’s not to like?



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