Big Gun – iOS Fun Gangster Game from 9thQ Entertainment

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Big gun is an ios MMO game where you play as a novice gangster waiting to level up by fulfilling various tasks assigned to you. The iphone game is packed with funky street-style, fast paced music that will keep you entertained while you are playing the game. When the game starts, you need to create an account to login to the game. There are four game slots for you to create your own character. The tasks are assigned by locations. You can see where you are in the game by pressing on the location button.

For example, if you go to the casino, you will be asked if you want protection.The warlord will give you protection if you can afford his services. If you leave the casino, you will lose the protection. However, this protection isn’t very useful if you challenge someone to fight. Nobody will fight alongside with you to ensure your win against another gangster. In the Big Gun ios game, you can add anyone as a friend. You can also challenge anyone to a fight. But beware that if you are of lower level, you will lose the fight if you challenge someone who has a higher level of experience.

If you are injured after combat, you can go to the hospital under locations to nurse yourself back to good health. It will not cost you any dollars to heal yourself. But you need to heal yourself before you start a fight with anyone. Each time you accept the task being assigned to you, there is a timer that will start ticking down on the top left hand corner. This timer states how long you have before your next task begins. If the task states it is in Miami, you need to go to the airport and take a plane there to fight your enemy. If you lose the fight, your battle experience and money will be deducted from your character. Each time you fight or level up, there will be a message in your mailbox that will report your status. There is a bank you can deposit your money in the game if you fear that your money will be lost when you challenge someone to a fight.

To find weapons to fight, you need to go to the store and purchase any weapon you like. Each of the weapons will have a damage, range and accuracy statistics that you can use as a reference before you purchase it. Some of the weapons are pretty interesting as they range from beer bottle, football, ice pick, screwdriver and a type 77 gun. You can also upgrade your armour or get some medical kit when you are injured. Overall, the game is a task-oriented game where you find yourself completing tasks to level up your experience in the game.

You might find yourself stealing cars, killing someone or even trying to bail out your friend from the jail with your money. Game available on apple store at free of cost. Really worth playing iphone game by 9thQ Entertainment.

Wonderful Game to Play – Download Big Gun


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