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Online billing system is an efficient and effective method of paying for your purchases while doing business. The orders that are placed online are sent directly to the seller, and suffering the issues of missing checks and receipts can be avoided. The buyer can happily move on after the purchase with no complications arising after the purchase is complete. The users linked with an online billing account have the ability to control what the public can view or not. The user can set the necessary privacy settings accordingly. The user also has the right to contact the admin if any issues are created with the software. One of the most efficient online billing systems is Billomat.

Billomat is an internet based tool employed for online invoicing. It is not a desktop software or program that you can install in your computer. The first and foremost target of the tool is to help users in creating quick and straightforward quotes and invoices. Billomat’s general principle is, “as small as it is possible, as much as it is necessary”. This stays in line with the fact that Billomat is a pretty simple, straightforward accounting program that is not complicated to work with and is very efficient in producing results.


  • Billomat is known to simply manage customer’s data, articles and products in a very efficient and effective manner.
  • The invoice which is produced can also be sent directly via email, fax or letter. The email can also contain a digital signature if required.
  • All the date and documents in Billomat is appropriately and automatically stored with the relative customer and is always easily accessible. This feature is also called Customer Relationship Management or CRM.
  • The data on customers and their transaction history is easily found and you can seek invoices, telephone numbers, quotes, addresses, etc in a fairly easy manner.
  • The many features of Billomat include invoices, estimates, reminders, credit notes, order confirmation, delivery notes, recurring, customer management (CRM), articles and API.
  • The full version of Billomat is found in five different languages and is used by customers around the globe.
  • All data is transmitted in SSL encrypted form and is available multiply redundant in their data centre as backup.
  • Their interface is excellent with integrated add ons or open REST-API data which can be exchanged with other services.
  • The pricing of the tool ranges from $5 to $63 per month depending on the plan you choose which suits you best.

Summary: Billomat is advantageous in many ways. It has a comprehensive history with user comments and fast full searches. The periodically recurring invoices are another plus point. Online mailing, flexible tagging and the easy to use customer management make it one of the most efficient online billing tools.

Good: The online invoicing is paperless and hence environmentally friendly saving a lot of paper, ink and energy in the process. You can easily verify all activities in online invoicing using Billomat and there are no mistakes ever. This method is far more efficient and less time consuming.

Bad: The free version does not include encryption. From tariff S+, a 256bit SSL encryption is included. As soon as your contract ends and all payments are made, your data gets deleted permanently.

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