Bin-Glo : Combining Billiards and Physics

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With iTunes gaining popularity today, a lot of games and other useful apps are coming up which can be downloaded from the iTunes apps centre at the touch of a finger. A number of mobile games and apps developing companies are coming up and developing a lot of fun filled games which are not only interesting but also excellent stress busters. Mecca Bingo Ltd is one such game developing company which has come up with a lot of excellent games including the recent Bin-Glo.


Bin-Glo is one of the most recent products of Mecca Bingo Ltd. The game is gaining fame not only because it is a very interesting but also because it is a great way to exercise the brain. Bin-Glo is a fast paced physics puzzler which can be easily downloaded from the iTunes App centre and works well with any software. Bin-Glo has nothing to do with the game bingo except for the numbered balls that the game uses. Bin-Glo is a game which gives physics based puzzles at every level. The puzzles are extremely causal and light but their difficulty level increases as you proceed to each level.

The game also includes the right amount of fun elements which prevent the game from getting boring and keep the game extremely interesting till the very end. The game has over 15 levels with around 20 achievement levels and over 20 ‘crazy modes’. Unlocking the different achievement levels allows you to proceed to the next maze level or the next ‘crazy mode’. The game mainly consists of a small ball which the user has to aim and pop other smaller numbered balls or bubbles mentioned on the Bin-Glo ticket within an allotted time period. The major objective is to hit or pop the balls which have the same number and hitting them makes the other balls to move about in a fashion similar to those in billiards.

As your score increases, more achievement levels get unlocked. These levels allow the game user to proceed to the next crazy mode to use lasers and other options to aim and shoot. With each level, the game becomes more erratic and interesting. The most interesting thing about the game is that it offers a special glow which makes the game look extremely appealing.


Bin-Glow is a very interesting and fun game which in spite of being a simple game to play, has managed to capture the interests of many around the world. The game is a better and a more interesting version of billiards and physics mixed together. It is a casual game which is perfect for time pass.

Good: In spite of the minor drawbacks, Bin-Glo is a game which can be easily downloaded at the touch of a finger. The game also has a good sound which complements the game pleasantly.

Bad: Although the game is compatible with most devices, the game is not very compatible with a few versions of iPad. Another major disappointment with Bin-Glo is that although it appeals to its users initially, it fails to hole the gamers’ attention and interest in the long run.

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