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Birthdays are special days that we associate with sharing joy and happiness with family and friends alike. They create memories worth preserving for a lifetime. At the same time, a special friend missing out to wish you on your birthday can roughen things up greatly. In the midst of your busy lifestyle, it can be quite hard to remember so many birthdays and special dates. High time to get it all organised under one roof. This is where the iOS app Birthday Board comes in.

Developed by Superdik B.V., this app is the one place where you can store all your special days so that you never miss out wishing a dear one. This app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, requiring iOS version 6.0 or higher. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5.

This iOS app indeed provides a very stylish and handy way to keep track of all your birthdays. It provides a flow chart like interface where you can organize important dates in a pattern. You can classify them as per months, dates and more. There is an option to add a photo of each person. When the date is clicked, the photo and the zodiac sign are displayed. After all, nothing like a gift customized for their zodiac signs.

Managing the app is as simple as it can get. You can manually add the birthdays or import them from your Facebook contacts birthday list. A separate board has been dedicated to your Facebook friends as well. As per priority and familiarity, you can create multiple birthday boards, one each for company colleagues, college friends, family, school friends, etc. once you have created a board, you can share it on Facebook as well.

Besides just functionality, these boards score high on design too. The user interface is minimal, clean and highly intuitive. You can begin with choosing among a variety of themes including Plastic, Photos, Flat, Glass and more. To access these themes, you have to purchase the in-app purchase from the App Store.Besides changing the board as a whole, you can also edit individual members by highlighting those using unique shapes, colours and the like. Customise each board as per your needs.

Creating the birthday board is just the beginning of what the app is capable of doing. In order to make sure that you do not miss any birthday on your board, you can set a countdown timer for each. Setting alarms helps ensure that you remember well in advance before it is too late to plan out a delightful surprise.

Birthday Board is an iOS app for those who are either too busy with their lifestyle or have a bad memory in terms of dates. It can come as a blessing to ensure that you make your loved ones feel special at the right time. Available for free in the App Store, it is an app that you must try out. Especially for its functionality, countdown timer and user interface.

Good: countdown timer

Bad: None

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